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Kalacak yer konusunda fikre mi ihtiyacınız var? Kullanıcı değerlendirmelerine göre Agadir şehrinde en yüksek puan alan düşük ücretli oteller arasında Hotel Almoggar Garden Beach, Sud Bahia Agadir ve Palais des Roses Hôtel & Thalasso yer alıyor. Skyscanner Oteller, konaklamanızı organize etmenin hızlı, ücretsiz ve kolay bir yoludur. Sadece birkaç tıklamayla kolayca arama ve karşılaştırma yapabilir, doğrudan otel veya seyahat acentesi web sitesine tıklayarak Agadir konaklamanız için rezervasyon yapabilirsiniz. Bizimle rezervasyon yaptığınızda, konaklamanıza hiçbir ilave ücret eklenmez. Başlamak için yukarıdaki arama kutusuna tercih ettiğiniz seyahat tarihlerini ekleyin ve sizin için düşük ücretli otel fırsatlarını bulalım. Alternatif olarak, yukarıdaki otel seçeneklerinden seçim de yapabilirsiniz.

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Adventurous  Explorer
Adventurous Explorer

Absolutely loved it there. The people are very kind and there is so much culture to explore. Moroccon tea is a must have.

Marta Martin
Marta MartinCiutadella de Menorca

Without a doubt, Morocco is a country with great charm, the land of the setting sun charms you, an unforgettable experience that will not leave you indifferent... We organize unique, original, cultural and exotic travels around Morocco, with us, Sahara Expedition 4 X 4, you will discover the charms of this so magical country, fall in love with his people and you will know what the conventional tourist does not perceive. We will be beside you for everything that you need, we customize your trip if you wish, our priority is to make the trip to suit you. Our travel aims to make all those travelling with us, enjoy the most of the surroundings, landscapes, people and its gastronomy. For all this we choose in Morocco always different routes to the classics and of difficulty suitable for all levels We have a variety of accommodations available. You will be hosted in place that go further to suit you, depending on your budget and your needs, so can stay you in 3, 4, or 5 star hotels or in marvelous Ryads. We invite you to discover the beauty and charm of Morocco with us.

Mark Williams
Mark WilliamsLondra

I have been fortunate to have visited a few places in my lifetime but none stand out to me quite like Agadir in Morocco. Being by the sea, Agadir is cool. The breeze that comes into the town brings with it sand which covers the ornate streets like a brown sand, and even though it is not what you would call a party town in comparison to say, Ibiza, you are never left feeling like this is a town in need of a few more tourists. The people are friendly and whilst the menus available might not be to everyone's tastes (the food, regardless of nationality, is cooked by Moroccans), with a little research you can certainly find something to suit every palette. All in all I loved the fact that you can hire a bike with little more than a desire to get dusty. Just make sure that if you do decide to go to Agadir, you don't leave until you've gone Quad biking with the locals. Amazing.


En ucuz ay, gecelik ortalama 312 TL ile Ekim ayıdır. Agadir şehrinde en pahalı ay, gecelik ortalama 534 TL ile Ağustos ayıdır.
Geçen yıl Ekim ayında bir otelin ortalama fiyatı gece başına 304 TL tutarındaydı. Bu fiyat, son 12 ay boyunca görülen ortalama gece başına 370 TL tutarından %21 daha azdır.
Agadir şehrinde Ekim ayı için beklenen ortalama sıcaklık 21,8°C/71,2°F'dir. En sıcak ay genellikle Ağustos olup, ortalama 30,3°C/86,5°F sıcaklığa sahiptir. En soğuk ay Ocak olup, ortalama 7,7°C/45,9°F sıcaklığa sahiptir.
Agadir (AGA) (21,59 km), Agadir şehrine en yakın havaalanıdır.

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