Yakutat City and Borough

29 Eki 2019 - 30 Eki 2019

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Kalacak yer konusunda fikre mi ihtiyacınız var? Kullanıcı değerlendirmelerine göre Yakutat City and Borough şehrinde en yüksek puan alan düşük ücretli oteller arasında Center Stage Lodge yer alıyor. Skyscanner Oteller, konaklamanızı organize etmenin hızlı, ücretsiz ve kolay bir yoludur. Sadece birkaç tıklamayla kolayca arama ve karşılaştırma yapabilir, doğrudan otel veya seyahat acentesi web sitesine tıklayarak Yakutat City and Borough konaklamanız için rezervasyon yapabilirsiniz. Bizimle rezervasyon yaptığınızda, konaklamanıza hiçbir ilave ücret eklenmez. Başlamak için yukarıdaki arama kutusuna tercih ettiğiniz seyahat tarihlerini ekleyin ve sizin için düşük ücretli otel fırsatlarını bulalım. Alternatif olarak, yukarıdaki otel seçeneklerinden seçim de yapabilirsiniz.

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Stephen Bugno
Stephen BugnoAnchorage

Yakutat is a community of 660 situated on a remote part of the Gulf of Alaska. Most visitors come here to hunt, fish, or to visit Hubbard Glacier at the far end of Yakutat Bay. There are daily flights to/from Juneau and Anchorage. There are also a couple of fishing lodges here with plenty of charter boats to catch salmon, halibut, and more. You can also surf here!

Trip Editorial Team
Trip Editorial TeamMenlo Park

Another contender in the battle to be named "last surf frontier on Earth," Alaska offers up more coastline for surf exploration than the rest of the United States combined. That is, if you can overlook the freezing cold temperatures that define the surf scene as you head toward the Arctic. For the hearty few who are up to the challenge (and outfitted in substantial cold-water gear), the payoff can be epic. Here surreal beauty, sizable waves, and extreme wildlife encounters come together in a magical mountainous landscape that's hard to resist for the dedicated surfer looking for the next big surf safari destination. While some creative types have been tackling such unusual options as the tidal bore on the Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet, a variety of more familiar breaks types have now been charted along the southern coastline, including locations in the Aleutian Islands (sometimes referred to as "frozen Hawaii"), Kodiak Island, Sitka Sound and Yakutat. Of course in Alaska getting to the waves can provide its own challenge, requiring surfers to show up with patience, creativity and a sizeable budget to reach the lesser known breaks away from the crowds (yes, even in Alaska word has gotten out and the sport is taking off among locals and visitors alike). One doesn't just pop the board on a car and head off for the beach. For those committed to escaping the crowds, bush planes, skiffs, fishing boats, ferries and helicopters are all employed to penetrate the wild where choice breaks may still be found. Of course fickle weather can switch things up in an instant, bringing all seasons upon you within one day. So traveling with proper gear, supplies and a support plan is critical if you're going to dig deep. Your best chance for decent weather falls during the summer months, but swell tends to be best starting in early fall, gathering strength when the storms of winter arrive.

Bill Hartley
Bill HartleyKetchikan

awesome,farthest north surf shop. World class steelhead fishing, moose hunting.. Very beautiful!


Yakutat City and Borough şehrinde Ekim ayı için beklenen ortalama sıcaklık 5,1°C/41,1°F'dir. En sıcak ay genellikle Ağustos olup, ortalama 16,8°C/62,2°F sıcaklığa sahiptir. En soğuk ay Ocak olup, ortalama -6,7°C/19,9°F sıcaklığa sahiptir.
Yakutat (YAK) (5,67 km), Yakutat City and Borough şehrine en yakın havaalanıdır.

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